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AVON Mascara Lash Genius 5 in 1 Review

Another BuzzStore campaign, another surprise for me to test. This time it was the fabulous Avon Mascara Lash Genius 5 in 1, which I received in 3 different shades: Navy, Aubergine, and Emerald.

Before telling you my thoughts, let’s see how Avon created this mascara and what’s its general story.

To uncover exactly what their customers want, Avon teamed up with developers to create the Genius Algorithm – “an exclusive machine learning and artificial intelligence tool that reads, filters and processes thousands of online consumer comments.”  … View full article

Lenor Fabric Softener: Happy and Relax Review

I’m back with a new BUZZStore campaign. This time I was fortunate to test the new Lenor Fabric Softener Lenor Happy (Burst of Sunshine) and Relax ( Emerald & Ivory Flower). It was perfect timing for me because with all the Christmas and New Year’s preparations I had to do a ‘lil bit of cleaning around the house and doing laundry of course which I admit’s kinda fun for me because every time I try to test new scents for my clothes and sheets. … View full article

Perwoll Renew & Blossom: Should I buy it?

In the last month, I tested the new PERWOLL Renew & Blossom detergent, dedicated to all types of clothes and now I come back with some thoughts about it.

I know you waited for feedback from me and today I will tell all about this new liquid detergent.

The basic idea of ​​the PERWOLL campaign in collaboration with Buzzstore is #Rethinkfashion, the concept that encourages the ‘slow fashion’ movement, or more precisely is based on responsible thinking to buy quality clothing, and maintaining their longevity over time, so in other words, having a responsible consumer behavior in the fashion market. … View full article