Exfoliating is an important step for beautiful and healthy skin as it removes dead cells from the surface that blocks pores and the skin becomes brighter. It helps the cream or the serum to penetrate much easier, potentiating their benefits. Once a week it’s absolutely necessary to exfoliate your face. If you manage to keep this simple and efficient way, you will see astonishing results over time.

For this process, you can use a beauty product from your favorite brand or you can even make it yourself at home, but before you will get started you should read the short guide that I hope it will help you choose the best method or best product:

There are formulas with chemical exfoliation and mechanical exfoliation.

Mechanical exfoliation refers to the scrub creams or gels types, containing abrasive particles, which by rubbing they will successfully remove dead skin. The particles may include sugar, coffee, corn flour, salt, oats, seed, ground, etc. For the removal of all the impurities, you may use also tiny crystals, such as sodium bicarbonate or sodium chloride, aluminum oxide (microdermabrasion).

They are cheaper and we recommend people who want a natural face scrub because contains ingredients that you can find in your own kitchen. However, stay away from them if you have acne or sensitive skin because they could make your situation worse.

Chemical exfoliation is working into the depth of the skin layer and is based on formulas that contain weak acids, such as BHA (beta-hydroxy acids) and AHA (alpha-hydroxy). It’s rather a facial peeling and not a scrub. These products have deep action because it stimulates collagen production and reduces sebum secretion. Therefore, it may blur out wrinkles, diminishes the signs left by scars and fights black pimples.

BHA exfoliants have a lower concentration of acid (salicylic 1-2%), enters the pores and reduce their size, they are anti-inflammatory and, in consequence, are recommended for women with normal-oily skin.

AHA exfoliants have a higher concentration of acid (glycolic, malic, lactic, citric, tartaric, 5-10%). They are more suitable for those who have dry or mixed skin as they reduce the sunspots softens hardened skin, etc.

Active ingredients:

If you decided to check the best products for exfoliating doesn’t hurt to know what are the basic ingredients and their action. So, you will know what effects to expect, and whether the product corresponds to the presentation given by the producer.

Exfoliating particles which remove the cells, sebum and dust deposits can be extracted from seeds, such as almonds, ground nuts, cranberry, pomegranate, strawberry, jojoba oil, bamboo micro-particles, minerals, etc.

Salicylic acid, vitamin C, witch hazel and lemongrass oil have astringent properties, also open the pores and prevent their closure, after emptying them of dirt and sebum. Vitamin E and aloe have a strong moisturizing effect and elasticity.

Clay minerals strengthen collagen and uniformly. Some formulas contain collagen to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Also, vitamin A and retinol are known for their beneficial effects on dark circles.

Skin type

Any cosmetic and care product is designed for a certain type of skin, dry, mixed or oily skin, and exfoliants are no exception. That’s why the frequency with which you will apply treatment varies.

For normal or mixed skin, you will look for a formula with a low-medium abrasive level, which will cleanse easily and improve circulation, which also helps to uniformize your skin tone, but not destroying the natural oils and doesn’t dry out the cheeks. You can use two different formulas, one more gentle for the dry areas and another one to keep sebum under control. Exfoliation is done weekly (you can do it twice, but only if the sebaceous glands are more active).

For dry skin, you need a formula with delicate action and moisturizing ingredients. More specifically, the more sensitive the skin is, the stronger you need to avoid the aggressive abrasive particles. Exfoliation will be done once every two weeks, always together with a hydrating cream.

For oily skin, things are simpler. It can handle any formulas, even microdermabrasion or chemical exfoliation. Can also be done weekly, even twice, on the summer days.

In case you decide to use a scrub for the face in the home you can use the substances mentioned above or you can experiment with many of the ones you have at home: popular are mixtures of brown sugar and honey, but you can try and almonds ground and coconut oil, corn, coffee grounds, etc. Here are some examples for you to give it a try:

Exfoliating the Face with Sugar

Sugar is another natural ingredient for peeling. Mix a spoonful of sugar with a spoonful of honey, which has antibacterial properties for the skin and a little lemon juice, which gives the skin brightness. Mix the ingredients well and apply on the face. Gently rub the skin and let it work for five minutes, then rinse.

Exfoliating the face with coffee

The coffee stimulates the production of collagen and has an anti-inflammatory effect. To exfoliate the face combine a spoon of coffee with a spoonful of water or even olive oil, which is an excellent moisturizer for the skin. Apply the mixture on the face and rub the skin lightly. Leave to act for five minutes, then rinse.

Exfoliating the face with oat flakes

Oat flakes nourish and moisturize the skin, eliminate impurities and gently exfoliate, therefore it’s a great choice for sensitive skin. Mix a spoonful of oatmeal with a teaspoon of salt and a spoonful of olive oil. Apply to the skin, rub freely and let it act for five minutes. At the end rinse very well.

If you don’t want to use a home-made scrub and you want to purchase the best product from your favorite store or online I have a couple of recommendations below:

Himalaya Herbals – Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub

What it does:
Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and blackheads and unclogs pores. It also deep cleanses facial skin and stimulates fresh cell growth to keep skin soft and glowing.

Routine cleansing does not remove dead skin cells and deeply embedded impurities, leaving skin lifeless and prone to blackheads.

Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub has Apricot kernel granules that gently scrub the skin to remove dead skin cells and blackheads. Wheat Germ Oil, rich in natural Vitamin E, moisturizes the skin, and Crab Apple provides nourishment for healthy, glowing skin.

Key Ingredients:

Apricot Seed Powder, known for its abrasive action, removes dead skin cells and blackheads which bring out your skin’s natural glow.

Wheat Germ Oil, due to its high concentration of Vitamin E, along with proteins and natural antioxidants, is ideal for most skin types. It is the perfect ingredient for our face scrub as it nourishes the skin and boosts the skin’s elasticity.

Crab Apple has antiseptic, cooling, soothing, nutritive and keratolytic properties. It reduces skin inflammation and helps remove dead skin fragments. Crab Apple is also a rich source of vitamins and antioxidants which prevent skin cell degeneration and premature skin aging.

Directions for use:
Apply Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub in a circular motion on the face and neck. Wipe off with a moist cotton pad. Rinse with water and pat dry. Use at least once a week for a glowing, healthy complexion.

Murad – AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

This intensive cleanser polishes away dullness and impurities with three exfoliating agents—Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid, and Glycolic Acid—and Jojoba beads revealing a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

Arbonne – Exfoliating New Cell Scrub

Gently exfoliates to leave skin clean, hydrated, soft and radiant
Contains phytonutrients and antioxidant vitamins

Key Ingredients and Benefits :
Encapsulated fresh cells hydrate skin, resulting in healthier-looking, more radiant skin
Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) is an
antioxidant source
Carrot (Daucus carota), rich in beta-
carotene soothes and calms
Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) and watercress (Nasturtium officinale) extracts help even skin tone
Birch (Betula alba) leaf extract helps improve the appearance of skin clarity

How To Use
Apply on moistened skin, using circular motions on the forehead, cheeks, and nose for one minute. Rinse well, splash generously and pat dry.

MORNING BURST® Skin Brightening Facial Scrub

MORNING BURST® Skin Brightening Scrub is formulated with BURSTING BEADS® and a unique blend of caffeine, lemon, and papaya. It invigorates your senses and helps brighten your skin’s appearance. Skin appears instantly refreshed and leaves you ready to face your day.

Exfoliating the face is the secret of healthy and bright skin. Whether you’re turning to commercial products or choosing to create your own scrubs from natural ingredients, exfoliating the face is a process over which you do not have to overlook. It’s enough to exfoliate your complexion once a week for the results to please.