7 Cute Chick Lit Books To Read Right Now

Let’s call them our little guilty pleasures. 

And yes, they may not have a complex action or complicated characters, but they are so cute that it’s a real joy to read them. There is always a happy ending, so at the end of the day, it’s impossible not to have a big smile on your face.

Chick lit books are only useful to read as long as you need a bit of joy and enthusiasm, which is why today I am reviewing the most exciting titles of the genre.


Jasinda Wilder, Falling into you

Goodreads rating

Nell has been in love with Kyle since childhood, and finally, her love is shared. Together with him, she feels that she has found her half, and even though she is very young, she is convinced that their love will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, fate has other plans for them. On a tragic night, following a terrible storm, Kyle dies right under Nell’s eyes, leaving her deeply traumatized. Everything for her ends, and she doesn’t understand how she can continue her life without her loved one. On the day of the funeral, she meets Kyle’s older brother, Colton. He has a different personality, a rebel who has left his family, walking his path alone. Soon, the roads of the two will intersect again, but this time the connection between Colton and Nell will be stronger and slowly, new feelings will form. This story impressed me deeply. First of all because of the intrigue. Kyle’s death and its effects have a significant impact on Nell, and this is strongly felt by the reader. From the cheerful, joking nature, Nell becomes a shadow of what was once. She regularly walks around with a feeling of guilt, believing that what happened to Kyle was her fault. 

I warmly recommend this book, despite the sad story. It teaches you that life always gives you a second chance when you least expect it, you just have to trust and open your soul to this possibility. The story of Nell and Colton, although sad, is an important lesson in life and I am convinced that in the end, the story of the two will impress you.

Christina Lauren,

Jasinda Wilder, Beautiful Secret

Goodreads rating

Niall Stella is going through a divorce that emotionally destabilized him, he doesn’t know how to behave with a woman and ignores this aspect completely, replacing the fun with work. He has a great career, but he knows exactly what he lacks, though he will never admit it. But everything will change for mister Stella when just a business trip with his colleague Ruby will be the beginning of a rather unusual friendship. He is, at the same time, very timid and not confident in his seduction power, especially after the divorce. His marriage lacked passion and desire, and after he divorced, he didn’t want to look for someone else to fill that void, being more focused on work. He is the kind of old-fashioned man who does not want a night’s entertainment, being different from the rest of the protagonists in the series. Ruby is totally different from Niall. She is energetic, joking, dizzy, independent and lively. Her desire is to be accepted at Oxford, and she is fighting hard to get there. 

In reality, Niall needs to be more relaxed, have more fun and focus on his personal life. Ruby teaches him this, has patience with him, shows him that there may be a second chance for him, too, if he so wants.

Cecelia Ahern, How to Fall in Love

Goodreads rating

Cecelia Ahern, author of the bestseller PS I love you, writes the most beautiful love stories, and the good part is that they all have a happy ending and give you a considerable dose of optimism. In How to fall in love, we have situation reversals, a dash of drama and a lot of love. One late night, Christine Rose is walking on the Ha’penny Bridge in Dublin, when suddenly she sees a stranger – Adam – who is about to throw herself into the void. To convince him to change his mind, he proposes a fair: if Adam delays his desperate gesture for two weeks until he turns 35, she will prove to him that life is worth living fully. But time does not sit still. As the deadline approaches, Christine realizes that she cannot keep her promise and is forced to resort to desperate methods to save Adam.

Jennifer Weiner, Good in Bed

Goodreads rating

Cannie Shapiro is a reporter at the  Philadelphia Examiner. For twenty-eight years, things seem to have gone well – she has lovely friends, Nifkin, her terrier, and an exciting job. She is at peace even with the extra weight. That is until she opens the page and discovers the title “How to love a curvy woman”, and the author is her former lover. And yes, it’s about her, her sex life and the overweight aspect. Angry and humbled, Cannie takes a courageous decision and embarks on a journey filled with countless surprises.

Cecelia Ahern, Love, Rosie

Goodreads rating

Rosie and Alex – best friends or soul mates? From childhood, Rosie and Alex have always been together, for better and for worse. But suddenly they have to break up when Alex and his family move to America. At home, in Ireland, Rosie feels lost without him. Any attempt to find oneself turns into a jumble of misinterpretations, unforeseen events and pure misfortune.

Sophie Kinsella, I have your number

Goodreads rating

I have your number, follows the events of a young woman on the verge of fulfilling the most beautiful dream – the marriage with the beloved man. Poppy Wyatt’s life seems to have entered a happy turn. She has a successful career as a physiotherapist and only a few days apart from her wedding with Magnus Tavish, a university lecturer from a distinguished family. But the dream begins to slip between her fingers as she loses her engagement ring – a jewel in the family of future three-generation in-laws – and her cellphone during a fire alarm at the hotel where she had dinner with friends. Things get even more complicated when she accidentally finds in the trash can the phone of Sam Roxton, the extremely busy manager of a consulting firm. Poppy doesn’t resist the temptation to mix in the personal and professional life of Sam Roxton, whom she feels irresistibly attracted to, and finds herself involved in the most unexpected and most emotional situations.

Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

Goodreads rating

Audrey always wears sunglasses. She doesn’t even take them out inside the house. She rarely goes out of town, and when she does barely exchanges two words with someone, she doesn’t know. For her, it seems almost impossible to look into people’s eyes. This is Audrey. But all this until one day – when Linus, her brother’s friend, appears. Audrey discovers that she can talk to Linus about everything, including the fears that keep her awake at night. Linus makes her laugh, and with him, she no longer feels the cruel judgment by everyone. Little by little, Audrey is on her way to healing and falling in love. But can you think about the future if you haven’t solved what’s troubled in the past? Can anyone love you if they saw you, as Linus saw Audrey, in the most challenging moments of your life?


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