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Best Free WordPress Plugins Essential For My Blog (part 1)

When you start a blog or even if you’ve had your blog for a while, there is a multitude of options for making your blog do things.
Trying hundreds of WordPress plugins myself over the last period and reading reviews  I’ve narrowed the list down to the very best that works for me:


Spam Protection


Akismet is the best-known anti-spam plugin for WordPress, mainly because it comes included in the default installation of WordPress since Akismet is developed by Automattic. … View full article

5 Common writing mistakes on social media

Even after years of learning it in school, grammar is just one of those things people still don’t always get right, myself included.

It’s hard. Especially if English is not your native language. Most certain if you take my posts and read them carefully impossible not to find a grammar mistake because usually, you think that whatever words and phrases you are using that sound fine in your head are also correct.  View full article

Is Donald Trump the most hated American president-elect?

President-elect Donald Trump promises to deport over 3 million illegal immigrants

Two months until Donald Trump will officially become the president of the United States and according to his own declaration he’s not intimidated by this fact. More he is willing and eager to work together with the Congress on those exact key points that made people vote for him: ObamaCare, taxes cut and one of the most sensitive problems that fabricate a lot of fear right now, illegal immigrants deportation. View full article

So I’m guessing “Orange Is The New Black”

Donald Trump makes a stunning victory over Hillary Clinton

The world is a strange place, my friends! Many didn’t take Trump’s candidacy seriously and neither did I. We all made jokes, memes, gifs, youtube videos but those jokes turned on us.

This billionaire/reality show star with no government or military experience managed to pull off one of the biggest upsets in American political history by defeating Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House. View full article