How to choose a good mascara – Women’s Buyer guide

Mascara is a must-have in the makeup kit of every woman, no matter how rare or frequent the use is. Lipstick and mascara may be sufficient to achieve a simple but radiant look, especially when you’re in a hurry to get to work or school. There are so many opinions about what might be the best mascara but is essential to choose depending on your needs and experience so far.
You need to keep in mind the following things:

Your eyelashes: the main thing you have to look when searching for a mascara is what it promises to do. To choose the right one, first, analyze your eyelashes and be objective: the length, density, pigmentation? In this way, you know what you wish, a volume mascara for lengthening or just to increase color intensity.

Color: it’s no secret that black mascara is best used by women, regardless of eye color, skin or hair. Besides this, you could have in your makeup kit also a blue mascara if you have blue eyes or purple or brown if you have brown eyes. This way, you’ll be able to diversify your look, towards a more playful and less dramatic.

Only to deciding which is the best mascara, the easiest way to compare products is to see them on the internet. You can form an overall opinion, know all the details about the company and product, and you can read what other people thought. Online stores often offer discounts and promotions, and if you are not satisfied, some even accept returns of such products.

Type of brush: when you choose a mascara, the most important selection criteria is the brush. If you look carefully, you will notice that the thickness and appearance range from one mascara to another. Therefore, the length and space between the bristles are important and determine the final result.

Straight mascara wands are easy to use as they allow easier access to small lashes and inner eyelid lashes. You can also hold the brush at different angles to fully coat the lashes.

Curved Brush is perfect for those who are looking for more curls and an extra lift to the lashes.
Comb-shaped mascara is designed to discourage clumping and separates the lashes.

A Comb Brush helps to separate the lashes and gives an even application. It further adds length and volume to the lashes.

A Big Brush Mascara coats more mascara and gives more volume to the eyelashes. The wand has tightly spaced bristles, which is perfect for extra thickness. A big mascara brush can add clumps and can be hard to use at times, but with some practice, you will get used to it.

Long Brush is best for lengthening as a long wand with even space won’t provide as much volume as a big brush. They are recommended to separate and define lashes.

Small Brush is better for small lashes, as it doesn’t clump the lashes, thereby offering thickness.

Formula: In general, if a mascara seems too fluid when you buy it then holds it in the air for several seconds before application. The best mascaras have a hypoallergenic formula, clinically tested for sensitive eyes and women who wears contact lenses.

Waterproof: although it may seem like you have always wanted a waterproof mascara, do not choose this option for your everyday makeup. In addition, it’s difficult to remove it than the non-waterproof version, so you risk deteriorating your eyelashes and irritate the skin around the eyes. However, this type of mascara is indicated when outside is excessively hot or humid, or there is a chance of rain and snow.

Recommended Maybelline Mascaras

Maybelline NY Colossal Go Extreme Volume

1. Maybelline NY Colossal Go Extreme Volume

Maybelline Mascara Volume ‘Express Colossal uses the defining effects of collagen, aiming to provide a dramatic look, making you feel like you are wearing false eyelashes. The easy application is promoted among the main advantages of this signed Maybelline mascara. The revolutionary weapon proposed by ‘Express Colossal – mega-brush – is easy to use and designed to obtain a penetrating and seductive gaze.

Mascara Volume ‘Express Colossal gives a boost to the volume feature: it defines the eyelashes, especially at the base, and builds a truly dramatic look. Non-dripping, it remains intact. You can easily remove it without damaging your eyelashes. The main drawback of this product is that it sticks to eyelashes, so it requires a careful application to obtain proper separation and “colossal” volume. Also, if you want to apply two layers, it’s possible to obtain a clumpy look. Always expect the first layer to dry. Most products signed Maybelline have a strong smell, so it’s advisable to use carefully if you have sensitive eyes. Because it has a very thick brush, it is very difficult to apply to the lower lashes.

Maybelline NY Volum’Express Falsies

2. Maybelline NY Volum’Express Falsies

Volum’Express Falsies is another black mascara from Maybelline that is known for the dramatic effect of volume that your eyelashes can get. Is cheap and good, whose exclusive formula with pro-keratin fibers and amazing brush shape -Coolers Brush Spoon – guarantees effect so rich that no one will think you’re not wearing false eyelashes. The rich gel formula provides a basis for the enrichment of genes, is added with a mixture of wax that helps to fix curved appearance. Keratin fibers help to the reconstruction factor, while panthenol ensures a smooth surface that prevents caking and so the unpleasant aspect of glued eyelashes. The end result is elongated, rich and individualized curved eyelashes.

Maybelline NY Lash Sensational Black

3. Maybelline NY Lash Sensational

Sensational Lash 100% Black excels in the effect of separating the eyelashes, which will take the form of a perfect fan. Low levels of wax in its composition make the black to be more intense than ever. Having a liquid texture, eyelashes are highlighted one by one and will not stick together anymore. The unique brush Type 2 in 1, with two separate areas. For a dramatic effect, move the brush several times over them, without expecting mascara to dry between coats. Once they are separated, use the soft brush to increase their volume. So you have longer, natural-looking and rich eyelashes. Women who tried this product said that they would never return to the old types of mascara because they know they can’t get a more spectacular look.