Is Google + still important for your brand?

Is Google + still important for your brand?

I noticed that many people including myself, unfortunately, neglect the social network Google+ although it’s a very important factor in terms of strategy for online marketing and optimization for search engines. In the following article, I explain why Google+ is such an important social network.

First of all the most obvious and important thing is that Google owns it, so any content you post on Google+ will be favored by the search engine and you will find indexed in the top results. Of course, Google advises people who have a steady presence in social media to post regularly on its social network because it takes into account the content when the indexing process happens.

Google+ is more than a social network and allows as many online social actions as Facebook. You can create pages for a company, product, brand, institution, organization, or other art, post content to give or receive +1, comment, create circles of interest or make confirmation for certain events.

Talking strictly about features and the way it presents itself is more useful for the companies even if the number of users is lower than that of Facebook.

The integration of Google+ with Google Local page can help you achieve much better visibility on the internet. When your business will appear in the search, in addition to details of the meta description, it will also display a map with location, hours, reviews, and much more that can turn a person that searches the internet into a customer.

Share content on Google+ as often as possible. A new article on the blog, news, information about products, videos, all of these will be indexed by the search engine and offered those who are interested in the services you provide. Also, more activity on the social network leads to faster indexing content.

The difference between Facebook and Google +, regarding the importance of the reactions for your published content, is that between the number of +1 of the posts on your Google+ page and the numbers of website appearances in Google search there is a strong link, which on Facebook doesn’t apply. Network privacy settings prevent indexing the content in Google, so many of your posts don’t contribute in any way to increase the value of your site’s SEO.

If you share your content on Google+, the more your post has multiple +1 the more possibility of creating an organic link building.

Whatever your field of activity and whatever social media accounts you’re using we all need to keep in mind to monitor our progress. Therefore, you always know what improvements to make to maintain the interest of your customers, what strategies to apply, and what is their opinion.

We should try post quality content every day because is a valuable indicator in the analysis of the search engines. So let us focus attention on creating content that helps to improve our online visibility.

In conclusion, I think is a big MUST to include Google+ in your web promotion strategy as it will bring great value to the efforts you make in order to promote the brand that you represent.

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