Social media platforms and tools change rapidly. Here is a list of new social media tools to try right now.

The list contains tools that generate content, launch and measure campaigns, ways to make your business more successful.


If you are interested in developing your brand on Snapchat, consider Snaplytics.

Without in-depth Snapchat analytics, it’s impossible to make informed decisions on what content is and isn’t working. Snaplytics delivers the Snapchat metrics you need.

This is the number of unique views the first snap in a story got. It’s comparable to reach on other social networks.

This is the number of total screenshots for all of the snaps in a story. You can also dive deeper and see which snaps got the most screen shots to pinpoint which content actually resonates with your followers.

Completion rate
This is the percentage of followers that saw the entire story from the first snap to the last snap. It’s comparable to retention rate on other social networks.

Open rate
This is the percentage of your estimated total followers that has actually engaged with your story. It’s comparable to engagement rate on other social networks.


Without followers to engage with what’s the point of social marketing? Keep track of your total Snapchat followers and how they added you.

Estimated total followers
Snaplytics counts all of the unique usernames that have seen your snaps and this provides an estimate of total follower count.

Daily follower growth
You get a more detailed view of when you got your new followers and Snaplytics also provide a timeline of the number of followers you gained each day.

New followers by username, snapcode, deep link or add-back
With Snaplytics you can even see how your followers added you. This can be used to figure out how you acquired your Snapchat followers.

Schedule stories ahead of time and post to Snapchat from the comfort of your browser – managing multiple Snapchat accounts has never been easier.

Easy Upload
Upload videos and images directly from your desktop or connect with your existing social media accounts. It doesn’t matter if the videos and images are downloaded from Snapchat or if it’s something you’ve pre-produced, as long as the format is vertical, you can upload it to your story.

Once you’ve finished uploading your original and engaging snaps to your story, you can easily arrange them on a timeline, which will also allow you to set the duration of your Snaps.

With this innovative scheduling feature, you can both hit the town and keep up with work by organizing your Snaps as far in advance as you’d like.

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PostReach helps you understand where your traffic is coming from and who’s talking about your content online.

Automate your content reporting
Think of PostReach as your content marketing assistant. Simply connect your blog or website and we’ll automatically create reports for every post you publish.

One-click setup – no developer needed
Weekly email notifications delivered to your inbox
Keep stakeholders happy with beautiful exportable reports

Quickly and easily analyze traffic at post level
Measure the performance of your content from the moment it’s published and easily see key traffic stats and sources for every post.

Understand what’s working, and what’s not, at a glance
View key content marketing metrics by post

Track and measure shares
PostReach will continually monitor your content and show you how many shares you’re getting on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Accurate share counts for all major social media networks
Finds any shares that contain a link to your post

Discover influencers
PostReach tells you who’s shared your content (and your competitor’s) on Twitter and makes it super-easy to reach out to them. Influencer marketing has never been so easy.

Bios let you get to know the people sharing your content
Identify the most influential people sharing your competitor’s content

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Yala is a chatbot that makes use of machine learning to know the best time to post to multiple social networks. Yala’s ingenious algorithm can increase your exposure and receive better engagement on the items you’re sharing.

Post with precision

Yala automatically schedules your posts based on how many of your audience members are on the social network. Yala makes sure you’re always performing in front of a full house.

Be everywhere

Cross-channel publishing has never been easier. Yala publishes asynchronously to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, solving two issues: multi-channel hassle + nuanced timing.

Yala for teams

With Yala, your entire team can contribute content to your social media channels. Don’t worry – you have the final say on which content gets published.

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FALCON.IO is a social media platform and customer-experience-management. Synchronize content social marketing activities online and offline in a calendar. Create your own campaign pages. Find, attract, and engage customers and connect social data that you already know the departments and channels.

Monitor brand perception
It’s a simple but mandatory social media monitoring exercise for brands: enter your brand into Listen, and see what the world is saying about you.

Track campaign performance
Monitor the impact of your online campaigns. You can see and compare each one in the Projects Overview page.

Identify trending topics
See what your markets, competitors, and influencers are talking about. The Sentiment Indicator filters positive, negative and neutral mentions to save time.

Build custom queries
Go as deep as you like. Enter brands, topics, keywords and phrases and refine with advanced parameters including combinations and search term grouping.

Create custom audiences
Take any Listen project and create an audience from the individual profiles detected. Then use our Audience filters to segment by gender, network and other labels.

Be alerted to unusual activity
You won’t be caught napping thanks to the alerts feature that notifies you if a defined search term has an unusual spike in mentions.

Draft, preview & edit
Schedule all your social posts, including video content, preview how they’ll look in the social feed of choice, and choose networks and geo-targeting parameters.

Align beyond social
The Campaign Planner allows you to cross-reference your social posts to broader digital and offline activities with reminders, milestones and shared assets.

Repurpose content
Save time and costs and ensure quality with the Content Pool. It makes it simple to reuse and modify your best-performing assets.

Extend reach with paid amplification
Create ad sets to promote on Facebook and Instagram without leaving Falcon. The approval processes ease collaboration with agencies or other departments.

Customize URLs
Create ad sets to promote on Facebook and Instagram without leaving Falcon. The approval processes ease collaboration with agencies or other departments.

Ensure brand governance
Create custom URLs with unique tags and parameters directly within the platform. You can track them with Google Analytics.

Create pages in no time
You can either choose a template or create your own page from scratch. You can also upload images and video, and customize the URL for extra impact.

What you see is what you get
The campaign builder blocks make it remarkably easy to build your page. Key brand elements such as typeface and logo are customizable.

Preview by device
Avoid surprises by reviewing how each page will appear on desktop, tablet or phone. It only takes one click of a tab.

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Rocketium is a tool to quickly and easily create a compelling video with text added. Simply upload your images and text type, then add movement. Save time using customized themes to clone content. Use different themes for different channels and video formats.

Different themes and video formats for different channels. Publish directly to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube.

Tons of styling options
Numerous fonts, colors, motion graphics, animations, filters, and more to choose from.

Branded videos with custom logos
Increase brand recognition with videos that convey your brand through the logo.

Publish in multiple aspect ratios for different social networks
Create square, landscape, portrait videos to suit different social networks.

Clone videos and test with different styles
Create multiple video versions in minutes by cloning and tweaking messages and styles.

Save your styles as custom themes
Your video’s unique style can be saved as a custom theme for a consistent look with no additional effort.

Add captions and voiceover to images and video clips and create compelling promos, offers, tutorials, and more.

Create video ads for Facebook, Youtube Instagram
Choose from our built-in promotional themes and create video ads in minutes.

Easy explainers and how-tos
Use voiceovers and text to describe your product or service.

Clone videos and test with different styles
Create multiple video versions in minutes by cloning and tweaking messages and styles.

Share directly to social channels
Share videos automatically to your Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Twitter handle.

Create videos in minutes so you have more time to focus on your stories.

No design skills required
Simply upload media and add captions. Generate videos instantly using in-built themes.

One story, multiple languages
Clone videos to retain your styles and media. Just translate captions and reach out to a global audience.

Share directly to social channels
Share videos automatically to your Facebook page, Youtube channel, or Twitter handle.

Stay connected with cloud & mobile
Record and work on the go with our apps. Pick up where you left off at work thanks to our cloud sync.

Tons of styling options
Numerous fonts, colors, motion graphics, animations, filters, and more to choose from.

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Crate is a platform that helps you find and share great online content. Set up an account and add your username, keywords, and domains in a collection commute. Then collect a stream of articles, infographics, blog posts, and more. Share this content immediately distributed at a later date or use the pad to add content integration in the queue buffer.

Build a crate customized to you

Create a group of relevant blogs, influencers, competitors, journalists, keywords, topics, etc.

Crate will find the best content

We’ll use your list and compare it to the social graph to uncover the best links these people have shared that include your keywords & URLs

Share Great Content

Share great content from your account

Tweet engaging content instantly or connect your Buffer account and add content to your queue

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