Since I discovered the Gerovital Happiness CC cream, I will take a break from foundations, at least for a while. The colored cream with raspberry extract can compete, in my opinion, with a light to medium coverage foundation and could even win because I found some positive aspects, which I didn’t expect.

Unlike a BB ( blemish balm/beauty balm ) cream that evens the skin tone and is considered more of a colored moisturizing face cream and suitable as a basis for the foundation, a CC ( color control ) Cream, besides hydrating the skin, it covers imperfections, having a higher covering power.

It has 3 shades: light shade with raspberry extract, a medium shade with apricot extract and finally a dark shade with cranberries extract.
I can’t really tell you about the two other shades but the light one is not super white so I don’t know how well it will go with a porcelain skin but for those who use for the foundation the ivory shades or soft beige shade would fit perfectly and if you think I’m mistaken please let me know.
I love that it adjusts to the skin tone and that after a few minutes becomes almost invisible, combining with the skin.

The product comes in a 50 ml tube with a very girly design, it’s easy to handle and you can dose the product perfectly not worrying for consuming too much product at once.

It has an almost liquid consistency and it feels very easy and comfortable on the skin so much that I think I’m just applying a moisturizer and not a product that could pass along as a foundation. I tend to apply two layers of the product for a better coverage because it is buildable and creates a look that doesn’t seem like I’m wearing a mask.

It covers mostly post-acne redness and blemishes, evening out the skin tone, and the thing that I like in particular is the brightness and the healthy appearance which gives me. I love the luminous effect and pleasant feeling that I have after application, it just gives a good feeling overall! It doesn’t stay sticky and the small skin imperfections you might have disappeared with the second layer applied, but for a more problematic skin would need a concealer to hide those areas.

Another aspect that I find really important is that I feel my skin hydrated throughout the day, but it’s not causing me to shine more than usual. I can say it last My skin is very oily and I tried so many foundations, bb creams but few can fight with this problem. I’m not saying this CC cream is a miracle maker for oily skin, just the fact that this is not making my skin worse.
It didn’t cause any irritation, itching or other reactions, and I really hope neither of you who are trying this CC cream doesn’t experience that.

In conclusion,  I really love this CC Cream,  it has a delicious aroma which doesn’t bother me at all, attractive packaging and a quality product inside.
I don’t know what more I could ask for from this cream and all of this at a very reasonable price!

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