Matte Rimmel BB Cream is specially formulated for oily or mixed prone skin, which promises to control unwanted shine and instead give a natural, matte look. In addition, this product does not dry the skin and has an average capacity of coverage, concealing those nasty dark circles and imperfections. Moreover, the pores are minimized and skin tone is smoothed.

As soon as it first touches your skin, you’ll find that the texture is lighter than a regular foundation, but more consistent than a BB cream, considering that puts emphasis on covering imperfections.

How to use: Apply on clean skin with gentle movements, distribute equally with a brush or with your fingers or any other favorite accessory. Being a BB cream is no longer necessary to moisturize skin or apply sunscreen before.

Pros: The most important advantage of Rimmel’s BB cream-Matte is the coverage it provides skin. Unlike most BB cream alternatives that rely on ultra lightness and natural aspect, Rimmel Matte will hide some of the traces of pimples and dark circles, which it will make it as an option if you desire a more formal look. You will even out your skin and it will smooth satin finish by conquering that illuminate.
Rimmel brought a very good product at an attractive price, which will never make you be indifferent.

Cons: The main disadvantage of Rimmel’s BB cream is that the matte effect is not as effective as its producers claim. Especially, if you have oily skin, it will gain that shiny look pretty fast so it’s more suited for normal or dry skin for keeping satin finishing. Just as with most products of its kind, the two colors are insufficient.

My conclusion:

But taking it into account that offers superior coverage, hydration and texture that is easily applied with a natural and luminous finish, I recommend you try Rimmel Matte.