What I think about the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

I bought it for $8 dollars, but the price differs depending on the location and the offers, but generally, it has a price affordable for anyone. It has 30 ml, 18 months from opening and SPF 20. I have the 103 True Ivory shade.

The heavy- pack glass bottle with the attached pump has been preferred for many cosmetic products, primarily those that are particular for the skin. It’s the most convenient, economical and hygienic way to store the product. After each use, I wipe the pump with a napkin to remove the remaining foundation, therefore always keeping it clean.
It has a floral smell which it doesn’t bother me, actually, I think its quite pleasant but that’s just a matter of taste.

The degree of coverage is low, but this is not an issue for me because I just use the foundation for colour uniformization and this is the perfect foundation for that, it looks very natural, and you barely notice it on the skin. If you want slightly higher coverage, you can return with a second coat.

Speaking of how long it lasts on the skin I would say I’m quite satisfied. Without adding powder on top of it I say it last between 3 – 4 hours until my T-zone begins to shine which it’s pretty decent considering the fact that I don’t add any other products. With a powder, it lasts maybe 1 hour longer, 2 hours maximum.
I must point out that the foundation was tested on a pretty relaxed day, with minimum effort and without the weather being too hot so it all depends on the external factors.

Another wonderful thing I really like about it is the ability to adapt to the colour of the skin. I noticed this better when I did the swatch on my hand, although the difference in nuance between my hand and the foundation is obvious, it has been perfectly adapted!

In conclusion, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation it’s a great foundation, but only for a natural look. I don’t recommend for people with acne or similar problems due to low coverage, but if you have a “clean” skin it’s definitely worth considering.