Page builders will allow you to achieve a professional design, edit your content, customize the appearance, and everything your site needs without writing a single code.

In this article, I will describe the best WordPress builders and discuss their advantages and disadvantages:

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder
Beaver Builder

It’s super-fast, and it offers a tour that helps you to get familiar without problems with its interface, which allows you to drag and drop live.

You can also click on any of the elements to modify their properties. It has several basic and advanced modules that provide you with any function that you can consider or require on your site.

It contains modules for adding carousels, backgrounds, sliders, content blocks, and buttons, among other things.

Price: from $99


  • Full Front End Editing – This allows you to edit live
  • Very detailed and complete tutorial videos
  • Contains a large number of predesigned templates
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Works with any WP theme
  • No coding skills required
  • Intuitive interface
  • It has an optimized output for SEO and mobile devices
  • Works with WP widgets
  • Great import and export function
  • A wide variety of content available such as tabs, buttons, forms, etc.
  • Supports all types of publications


  • None


It is one of the simplest options that you will find in the market to build your page. It has a large number of elements that will make your site unique and stand out from the rest.

You can access Beaver Builder at the following link:

Click here to visit the official Beaver Builder site


Site example build with Elementor page builder
Site example build with Elementor

Another powerful page creator for WP. It also has a live editing plugin. This means that you manage to see the changes while you are modifying them with the ability to drag and drop widgets from the panel to the left of where you can select the tools that work best for your website.

The widgets it manages are the most popular on the market, along with those that have been created specifically for WP.

If you are not a good designer,  Elementor has a large catalog of pre-made templates of excellent quality that give that professional touch to your business. You just have to customize the content to start promoting online.

Lucky for us, a version of Elementor is available at no cost. Of course, it also has a Premium optimization, but if you are not willing to invest a lot, or you are in the initial stages of your business, the free option is quite complete.

Price: Free (paid versions from $49 one-time license fee)


  • Ready-to-use templates
  • 100% drag and drop technology
  • Works for all kinds of posts or pages
  • You can continue to use the widgets you already had on a previous site
  • Works with any WP theme
  • Its editing controls are fully compatible with mobile devices
  • A fairly high degree of customization
  • You can export and import your custom pages
  • It has personalized support


Although it works with any theme, they all have a different degree of personalization. Perhaps in some, you will find that there is some difficulty in embedding some interface elements while in others, you can do it without a major problem.

Take your time choosing the right WordPress theme to avoid this difficulty.


Probably the best option to build your page at no cost, not to mention that it is very fast and easy to use. It is one of the most popular, and people know why.

You can access Elementor at the following link:

Click here to visit the official Elementor site


Divi page builder

Like the previous ones in this list,  Divi is straightforward to use WP plugin with the feature that you can build your site just by dragging and dropping the plugins you like.

You can also create your designs or export your design from one Divi installation to another. You have a wide variety of elements to choose from to form your site.

Price: Starting from $ 89 a year(yearly access) to $249 -one time (lifetime access).


  • Support for drag and drop content
  • Predesigned content blocks, including testimonials, quotes, image controls, tabs, videos, etc.
  • Custom styles
  • Can be integrated into any WP page
  • Can be used for any type of publication
  • Contains a large selection of styles and blocks
  • Provides a good overview of the page in general and its blocks


The layouts may seem a bit dated, and you have to go back and forth between the editor screen to preview your page constantly.


There is no doubt that Divi is a great page creator. It has excellent functionality that allows you to work with WP. Still, it uses a lot of shortcodes, making it difficult for you to change themes in the future or use a different page builder. 

You can access Elegant Themes Divi Builder at the following link:

Click here to visit the official Divi Builder Site

Themify Builder

Themify page builder website demo
Themify website demo

If you have heard of page builders for WP before, you surely heard of Themify.

In the same way as the rest of the page builders, it is very easy to use, especially for WP users, regardless of whether you are a beginner or already have some experience with the platform due to its friendly interface that gives you the freedom to create the page just the way you want it.

Price: From $59 on the official website


  • It has front and back end edition
  • It has a very good performance with third-party themes
  • It has predesigned content modules like bookmarks, blog posts, videos, texts, etc.
  • It presents you with style options for the modules, such as scroll or video backgrounds, CSS styles, etc.
  • Completely ready designs for various types of pages, be they blogs, product displays, magazines, etc.
  • You can import and export your designs
  • SEO optimized and very responsive
  • Adjustable modules

It is a genuinely versatile builder as it can be used for a wide range of possibilities, from simple pages to the most complicated with current minimalist themes.

It has complete tutorials that show you in detail the functions of the plugin.


It has less number of content modules than other options on this list. But this does not mean that it does not have what is most used, so it is very likely that you will not notice this detail.


Themify is one of the easiest options to use. The ability you have to quickly create a design in the back-front to switch to the front view with no real problem takes the cake.

It has a good number of quality modules and widgets that will allow you to give the appropriate functionality to your page.

You can access Themify at the following link:

Click here to visit the official Themify Site

WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery page builder

It has a large number of options that you can develop without the slightest problem.

It’s integrated with tools like Yoast SEO plugin, which makes it quite complete.

Price: $45 


  • Works with any WP theme
  • Full drag and drop support
  • Works with posts and pages
  • You can do front-end and back-end editing
  • A large number of templates and elements available
  • Mobile friendly
  • Support for WordPress SEO by Yoast and WooCommerce
  • Multi-language interface
  • Very accessible


It has a very good editing function, but all the modifications are carried out in a pop-up window, making it difficult to see.

You can access WPBakery  at the following link:

Click here to visit the Official WPBakery Site

SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin page builder demo theme
SiteOrigin demo theme

It has more than a million active installations, and the number grows daily. Perhaps its popularity is a bit because it has no cost in its basic version that is fully functional.

It allows you to manage WP widgets in addition to having its own. It’s quite intuitive to use.

A unique feature is that it has a history tool that gives you the ability to make, redo, and undo any changes in the minimum amount of time. Not to mention that it gives great peace of mind knowing that you can reverse mistakes or problems.

Price: Free with a paid version $29


  • Full drag and drop support
  • You can enable it for any type of publication or page
  • The content blocks are based on the widgets you have installed on your site.
  • You can use it with any WP theme
  • Gives you the ability to control versions
  • It has a reasonably responsive output on the network
  • Highly customizable


Its live edition is good, but it cannot be compared with other options on this list. At the same time, you don’t have the option of nesting columns within others.


This web page builder is reliable and robust, not to mention that it won’t cost you a dime with flawless integration to WP. 

Of course, there are better options, but not having to invest anything is one of its most significant advantages.

You can access SiteOrigin Page Builder at the following link:

Click here to visit the official SiteOrigin Page Builder Site

Conductor Plugin

Conductor Plugin page builder
Conductor Plugin

This page builder may interest you if your primary concern is to speed up the WP content creation processes.

The latest version has been optimized, introducing Symphony starter theme, but don’t worry because it works quite well with other themes.

What you can do is enable this plugin for your WP page and change the design, general appearance, or content with the customization options it has.

Price: from $99 on the official site


  • You can use it with any WP theme
  • You can customize the design of any page
  • Has drag and drop support
  • You don’t need to know anything about coding
  • Features lots of font styles
  • There are many style options when it comes to fonts, alignments, element sizes, etc.


It’s too focused on Symphony, which could cause some compatibility problems if you use another theme. Also, the price is quite high.


A good quality page builder and easy to use, particularly if you don’t have code knowledge. But the price is not justified, especially when there are cheaper and better products.

You can access the Conductor Plugin at the following link:

Click here to visit the Official Conductor Plugin Site

MotoPress Content Editor

MotoPress page builder demo theme
MotoPress demo theme

MotoPress has its custom interface, giving you some freedom from WP. It allows you to modify the designs and contents of your site within WP-admin, and it has quite complete support.

Price: $29 


  • It can be enabled on any publication or page
  • Mobile friendly
  • Full technical support
  • Front-end editing interface, though WP customizer doesn’t contain it
  • Compatible with all WP themes
  • You don’t need to know anything about programming
  • It has one of the most intuitive interfaces on this list
  • The cheapest drag-and-drop Premium tool


You need WP-admin to be able to use it.


One of the best on this list referring to the drag and drop interface. But, in the matter of templates and pre-built designs, you can find other more attractive builders.

You can access MotoPress Content Editor at the following link:

Click here to visit the Official MotoPress Site

Final Thoughts

The truth is that everything depends on your special requirements and keep in mind while browsing through this page builders that your business or blog is unique. 

If you found this information useful, be sure to comment on it or share it with someone you think might be interested.