Since all this whole crazy pandemic started, I kinda gave up wearing lipstick. That’s because I leave the house rarely than before and, even then, I go to the store or for a walk and back. Besides, I used lipstick a few times and had the unpleasant surprise that it transferred to the mask. I wear a reusable textile mask, so it’s not at all good for the lipstick to get on it. Recently, Avon PowerStay SuperLight lipstick was launched at Avon and I had the opportunity to test two shades: Power Up Pink and In Control Coral. I will talk to you about the experience with these two lipsticks.

Even if I don’t use lipstick very often, I always liked to have as many and different colors as possible. Even if my favorite shade of lipstick has always been more brownish shades, I also like nude, purple, or even pink. So, I like the two shades. Even if sometimes red lipstick seems a perfect choice, there are situations in which a nude lipstick is exactly what I need.

The advantages of the Avon PowerStay SuperLight lipstick 

Power Up Pink

From first sight, both shades are wonderful. The Power Up Pink shade seems to me a pink pretty close to the natural color of my lips.

Power Up Pink Shade

In Control Coral

The shade in Coral Control is exactly the kind of red I like: intense, without being overly bright.

In Control Coral Shade

The lipstick is durable, having a formula that gives it an effect that lasts up to 10 hours. Indeed, the lipstick resists very well on my lips, which makes me happy.

Another advantage is the transfer resistance. The lipstick ad says that it lasts well even under the mask. Given my previous experiences with lipstick and mask, I was really curious if that’s true. So, I tested a few days whether the Avon PowerStay SuperLight lipstick is transferred to the mask or not. And I was pleased to see that my mask was lipstick free so I give them a big plus here.

For me, the Avon Power Stay Super Light lipstick passed all the tests and met my expectations. I like it, no matter which shade we are talking about, and I will use it often from now on. So, if you want a long-lasting, transfer-resistant lipstick in wonderful shades that you can wear even when wearing a mask, then the Avon PowerStay SuperLight lipstick is exactly what you need.