Another BuzzStore campaign, another surprise for me to test. This time it was the fabulous Avon Mascara Lash Genius 5 in 1, which I received in 3 different shades: Navy, Aubergine, and Emerald.

Before telling you my thoughts, let’s see how Avon created this mascara and what’s its general story.

To uncover exactly what their customers want, Avon teamed up with developers to create the Genius Algorithm – “an exclusive machine learning and artificial intelligence tool that reads, filters and processes thousands of online consumer comments.” 

The algorithm enabled Avon to scan countless mascara reviews across the internet from makeup addicts worldwide to identify the five key criteria women look for when choosing their mascara. Our ultimate lash wish list? Full volume, beautiful length, lasting lift, precise definition, and dramatic black color. Crucially, Avon found that we’re not prepared to compromise, so even if our mascara gives us full, thick, fanned out lashes if it doesn’t deliver a formula that’s jet black enough or provides us with the length we want, we’ll stray. So, the beauty giant set about creating a solution to all five features in one. The result is the new Avon Mascara Lash Genius 5 in 1.

The Applicator

First off, the wand is pretty decent – thick, plastic, and ultra spiky. Even the very tip is layered with bristles. But it’s this that makes the wand multipurpose, enabling it to tackle bottom lashes as seamlessly as it combs through every top lash. It even allows the bristles to get right into the inner eye corners to catch those dinky hairs there. I noticed it gave my tangly lashes definition (they tend to clump and twist together). The wand slid straight through, separating each and every one.

Avon Mascara Lash Genius 5 in 1 shades

First is Navy, a dark blue, a shade that will really pop and ensure your look is anything but bland that gives a distinguished and elegant look, perfect for a unique makeup.

My favorite, Aubergine, a dark purple-cherry specially created for green eyes. Even though I have brown eyes, I couldn’t help replacing my black mascara with it; I love it too much, it may become my new makeup obsession. I am thrilled with the natural but upgraded effect it gives to my lashes. 

The shade Emerald, a dark green, if you have hazel eyes, this should be your colorful go-to! It’ll play on the notes of green in your multicolored eyeshade.


Once you’re ready to switch up your makeup routine by swapping a traditional black or brown hue for a colored mascara, the world is your oyster. It does open up a whole new world of makeup possibilities. 

Avon Mascara Lash Genius 5 in 1  I love how it made my lashes look; it gave me a lot of lengths and a lot of volumes; what I like the most is that it did not clump, I did two coats of mascara, and they look incredibly awesome.

If you’re interested in buying this product you can find it on and on (the price is £8.99) if you’re located outside Romania.