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Is technology making us smarter or dumber?


It’s possible for two people to perform the same exact search in Google and get two different search results. The answer to this question is without mistake yes.  You noticed how advertisements are directly related to our search history and Google’s search results aren’t any different.

Technology narrows our view. View full article

Why to avoid online dating profiles cliches?

A cliche is not necessarily an untrue fact!

So what is a cliche? I am referring to certain overused few lines that people who are having a dating profile tend to use to express statements about themselves. These statements are extremely generic, obvious I might say and they appear over and over again in both women and men profiles. … View full article

Do we need religion anymore?

Do we really need religion anymore?

It is a very interesting question though in my opinion maybe the better question is did we ever needed that?I was not born an atheist, of course, I even admit that when I was in school I actually believed without hesitation that there is a God, a mighty power that watches over us. View full article

Conclusions of the presidential debates

The presidential debates are over. And at the finish line what conclusions are we drawing?

1. Donald Trump has made some bad decisions regarding how this campaign should go. I mean I desperately wanted to see some numbers, any numbers even false ones but no, he chose to ramble about how evil is Hillary and her ideas but never came with a clear idea of what he will be doing as a president, just general thoughts that for some people including myself is a full crap of nonsense. View full article