Last month I was lucky to be accepted in two BuzzStore campaigns: first is the one that I’m about to talk in this post and that is Colour Catcher single use sheets.

Have you heard about Colour Catcher?

They are single-use sheets that go in with your non-sorted laundry that claim to “absorb and trap loose dyes in your wash water, protecting clothes against color bleeds and helping preserve original colors”.

I’ve never used anything like this before and have always separated my laundry, I might say religiously, but I will buy more. I got to admit that these sheets convinced me for several reasons: one because knowing me I will have some lazy days when I won’t be too happy spending so much time sorting laundry; I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want to save time playing with your kids, reading a book, watching your favorite show on Netflix, having a spa day, and the possibilities are endless. Two, because you’re not only save time for your love ones or for yourself but also you save water, electricity, detergent, fabric conditioner or whatever products you may use for your clothes.

Even though I was pretty skeptical at first, I was willing to ruin some clothes in the name of science, but it wasn’t the case because all of my clothes ended up intact. I’ve read some reviews before I’ve tried them and got scared because some people had a problem with them getting stuck in the washing machine but I didn’t encounter this problem so in the end I was thrilled.

These are fabulous, would definitely recommend.