I’m back with a new BUZZStore campaign. This time I was fortunate to test the new Lenor Fabric Softener Lenor Happy (Burst of Sunshine) and Relax ( Emerald & Ivory Flower). It was perfect timing for me because with all the Christmas and New Year’s preparations I had to do a ‘lil bit of cleaning around the house and doing laundry of course which I admit’s kinda fun for me because every time I try to test new scents for my clothes and sheets. But enough with the chitchat let me tell you what I think about these products:

Lenor Burst of Sunshine – Happy

Product Description

Lenor Fabric Softener gives you long-lasting freshness – Fresh sheets for up to a whole week. Let the sun of the highland embrace you, feel the heat, relax, and smile. Immerse yourself in something joyful and positive where the warm, restoring notes of amber and Siam wood meet subtly refreshing, calming linden blossom and calendula flowers.

Lenor Happy

My Description

This is summer in a bottle. It’s so beautiful and refreshing. A little goes a long way and that’s what I love. I love taking the clothes out of the washing machine and smelling the freshness and then when it comes out of the tumble dryer the smell intensifies. 

I use it on towels and clothes so every day even when it’s cold and chilly, I can dress and it feels like spring, so clean and fresh and it makes my towels feel so soft. I love it.

Lenor Emerald & Ivory Flower – Relax

Product Description

With Lenor Parfumelle collection you can transform everyday chores into a sensorial experience. Its sophisticated multi-sensorial scent experiences are inspired by the latest trends. Additionally, this fabric conditioner is developed to nurture, enrich and help maintain fabrics from day one, while its Anti-Age3 technology helps protect from stretching, fading and bobbling, to keep clothes looking beautiful for longer with an irresistible scent. 

Lenor Relax

My Description

Lenor Emerald & Ivory Flower fabric softener brings you to a place of tranquillity and passion. Charm your senses with its sensorial fragrance inspired by the beauty of nature.

‎Imagine walking through a quiet Japanese garden, a calm, quiet place where your senses can finally relax. With Lenor Relax laundry balm, you’ll enjoy delicate notes of bamboo and white musk. ‎

Key Benefits

  • Fresh sheets for up to a whole week.
  • Long-lasting freshness.
  • Conditioning softness, for soft and fluffy fabrics, less wrinkling, easier ironing, and decreased static cling.
  • Fabric protection, against stretching, fading, and bobbling.

You can find it at Emag.ro or Cora.ro if you like online shopping as much as me especially now with the pandemic situation, at a very decent price especially since the whole bottle can last up to 50 washes so I say it’s a pretty good deal and as a plus, your house will smell amazing for a whole day.