Hello, I’m very excited to tell you about a new test kit from Buzzstore that came to me some time ago.

This time it’s about the new Always Platinum that I was very curious about. But before I share my thoughts with you, let me tell you a few details.

Live every day to the fullest and enjoy the daily challenges, even during menstruation, with Always Platinum absorbents: so comfortable that you just feel protected!

Whether you want to find a new passion or perfect some of your skills, you are the kind of woman who wants to feel that she is living every moment of her life! With the new Always Platinum absorbents, there is no need to give up the desire to explore and participate in new daily challenges even during the menstrual period!

It’s time to stop being afraid to do the daily things you love, to enjoy every moment, and to follow your own instincts! It always comes to your aid and gives you the confidence you need even during your period! The new Always Platinum absorbers are designed with the Zero Feel system, being ultra-comfortable and safe:

  • Soft wings, designed to be gentle on the skin and to avoid irritation.
  • 3D LeakGuard technology to prevent side leaks.
  • 1,000 micro-pillows for extra comfort and absorption.
  • Soft & Fit design to fit your body.

Since its launch in 2018, the Always Platinum range has become the best option in the entire Always range for comfort and protection. However, in an effort to continually improve and meet consumer demands, Always has invested in research to investigate process barriers and any trade-offs that women are currently making.

The Always Platinum kit contains:

  • 2 Always Platinum Duo Pack, sizes 2 and 3.
  • 2 Always Platinum Single Pack, sizes 2 and 3.
  • cosmetic kit.

In my opinion:

  • They are comfortable, are delicate to the skin, have a pleasant perfume.
  • I had no problems during the night.
  • I’ve been using another brand until now but I admit I definitely want to use Always Platinum from now on.

I recommend that you test them if you have not already done so.