12 Tips: How to Use Email to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Email marketing is an extremely effective solution for small businesses in order for them to attract valuable customers at a low cost.

Of all the methods of promotion, email marketing still has the highest conversion rate, because subscribers give their consent to receive informing from you, meaning they are interested in what your business has to offer.

The following tips will help you create quality email lists which are at the base of successful newsletter campaigns:

1. Do not ask for too much information to subscribe to your newsletter. For starters, the name and email address are enough. Simplicity is the key.

2. You need to ask yourself this question: What has to gain the person who will add their email to your subscriber’s list? Providing a reason will bring you more subscribers, wherever is a free ebook, or anything that guarantees to contain quality information that will be of help.

3. Post the subscription form in the right position it counts so much in attracting a larger number of people. See below what are the best locations for placing the subscription form:

  • At the top of the main page of the site so that the visitor will not have to go below (scroll) to see the form. More and more sites add the top link immediately after it, a subscription form as a colored strip that stands out.
  • If your blog or website has a sidebar on the right side, the top of it is the ideal location to place the box where you can enter your email.
  • At the end of the articles. If anyone read the article until the end means that appreciate what you have written and will probably want to stay in touch with the latest post.
  • The bottom of the page. This is another effective location, particularly for online stores that have produced pages. The visitor who enters the page and searches for a particular product will reach the bottom where you see the newsletter registration box. If he likes the products and prices will want to subscribe to receive special offers.
  • Pop-up. If you use this method to attract subscribers don’t make the mistake to set the pop-up to appear as soon as the visitor enters the site because it’s not very nice. Give them time to become familiar with the site, they must be convinced that it is worth to give you their email.
  • After the visitor went through a certain percentage of the page, the subscription box will pop-up. If the visitor went through some page content means that is interesting and won’t be bothered if you propose to subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest news by email.

4. It is better to inform the subscriber what content will have the emails that you send (articles, infographics, special offers, events, etc.)

5. Do your best to deliver what you promised in the newsletter, and most importantly, deliver quality.

6. By personalizing the emails depending on the person who subscribed in this way you create a greater sense of involvement for the user. Customization may consist in adding the subscriber name after greeting or delivery form in your content email they wish to receive.

7. In a time when we are surrounded by huge amounts of information, it’s important to send newsletters with easy to read and attractive content.

8. There are many mobile devices users who check their emails on their phones or tablets. Because they have smaller screens it is essential that your newsletter adapts to their size and to the display correctly. Otherwise, the risk of losing subscribers is very high.

9. Make a strategy that determines what content you send and when you send it.

10. Keep a suitable interval, do not overdo it and if you have specified it in the subscription (weekly, monthly, daily, etc.) it’s best to respect that. If you send more emails than you promised, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have better results.

11. Don’t hide the link to unsubscribe thinking that will keep people on the list. If subscribers don’t find the link, something worse could happen other than unsubscribing, and that will be – reported as spam.

12. You can watch the competition to see what kind of email marketing strategy they adopted. The idea is not to copy but to do something different, to always be one step ahead of them.

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