Why create an account on Instagram

Social media presence is crucial in our time. Personally, it has become our business card. Social networks have influenced even the way people are employed. And if you have a business, the more you have to be where people are.

While Facebook is being developed on several content types, Instagram is centered on everything visual. Like Facebook, it can be used to document your moments of life, but also to promote your business.

So I want to explain everything you find in the app, to teach you how to use it and inspire you to start including it in your life. Using it as a personal profile, you will learn the best how to use it, you will see how others use it, and you can discover a new way of promoting your business.

How to get your Instagram account, how to customize it and how to use it

The first thing you have to do is download the Instagram app (on Google Play or App Store).

How to get your Instagram account

Go to www.instagram.com to sign up for Instagram. You can sign in with your Facebook account or sign up for your account via email.

How to customize your Instagram account

Once you have your Instagram account and logged into your phone application, it’s time to personalize your account.

Here’s what you can customize on your Instagram profile:

Profile picture – You can make a profile picture or you can upload one from your phone. I recommend that you use a close-up photo where your face is seen. And if it’s business, a picture with the logo is ideal.

Account numbers – In the right of the picture you have your profile figures: posts, followers, and followers (the number of accounts you are tracking on Instagram).

Name – Just below the picture, you can see the name, which you can edit by clicking the “Edit your profile” button.

Description – Under the name, the account description is displayed. For the personal profile, you can get details about yourself (what job you have, passions, etc.). On a business profile, you can get a short description of your business or product.

Link – Under the description, you have a link field. Here you can link your blog, Facebook profile, business profile, etc.

Photos – Under all these details, all the photos you have posted in your account are displayed.

How to use Instagram

The moment you open the Instagram app it’s the app’s startup screen where you can see everything your users are posting – photos and Instagram Stories.

Also, on the first screen, you have the Instagram Story option for you and you can access the application’s inbox.

The second screen is a section where you can discover new content on Instagram.

The app suggests new Instagram Stories, videos that you may like, and pictures that may be in your liking. The app uses your liking history as well as the list of accounts you are tracking to suggest new tracking accounts, new pictures you like and Instagram Stories to follow.

In the third section of the application is the content you want to post on your account. In Gallery, you have all the photos and videos on your phone, and Photo and Video can be used directly from the app to take pictures or videos.

The fourth section of the page is “notification”. It’s divided into two sections.

In the section You can see all the notifications for your account: who gave you likes and what pictures, who gave you the follow, who left you comments and what comments you like.

In the following section, you can see the activity on the Instagram of the people you follow.

Personal account vs. Business

The Instagram app has two types of accounts: personal and business. The Business Console offers some extra options, especially if you have, as its name implies, a business, a website, a store, etc.

A business account that a few extra options:
  • Contact methods – phone, email, and address
  •   Insights – This account type only provides statistics about your account traffic – impressions, reach
  • Instagram Ads – you can easily make the right ads for Instagram

If you have a site/business, then I recommend that you keep your personal account separate from your Business account.

But depending on your business profile, and especially if you’re hard to be constantly present on 2, you could have a single Instagram account in which to put all of them.

If you want to develop a personal brand and you have a website with your name then it doesn’t make sense to have 2 accounts. If your business has its own name, logo, and even more specific activity, it’s best to do it separately.

Keep in mind, however, that your business may not find the right target on Instagram and it’s OK. Ultimately, each business uses the right promotion channels for its profile. But that does not mean you do not have to try, experiment with different types of content over a period of time, and then just draw conclusions.

How to post on Instagram

Instagram is 100% based on visuals, that is, pictures and videos. You can take pictures instantly and post them immediately, or you can upload pictures that you already have on your phone.

Posts are published exclusively through the phone application. On the Instagram site, you can see your own and others’ postings, you can give them your likes and you can see your notifications.

To upload photos/videos to Instagram, you have to go to the bottom bar of the app and select the middle icon.

Then you have the 2 options available:
  • Gallery – you can post from the pictures and videos you have already done and had them on the phone
  • Photo & Video – allows you to take pictures and videos through the app

Hashtags on Instagram

On Instagram, there is a possibility to join a description of the posters and videos posted on the profile. The description can contain classic text, emoji,

and hashtags.

Hashtags are words with the # in front. This helps organizes the content on Instagram.

For example, if you put a picture of a cat, you add the #cat hashtag to the description. Then you go to Search and you write #cat, and Instagram will show you all the posts that have this hashtag.

There are a number of hashtags that can be used:

– You can describe different elements of the picture – for example, in a picture of the holiday in Paris you can put #vacation #summer #paris #france

Hashtags can help you get more likes on your posts because they can find users that are not in your followers’ network. But make sure you use them responsibly – do not abuse them or use hashtags that have nothing to do with what you posted.

You can also create your own hashtags for a theme you are addressing, or you can create a hashtag for your business and you can encourage customers to use it when posting.

How to create Instagram Stories

Another post on Instagram is called Instagram Stories. The difference between these and the posts we have spoken so far is that they are valid in a separate section and are only available 24 hours.

Instagram Stories is based on a lot of spontaneity. Movies or pose something and post immediately. You can include phone posts here but generally, rely on spontaneity.

It’s also a very useful feature to use if you’re at an event and you have a lot to post, but you do not want to overlap your profile with pictures too fast.

In order to make Instagram Stories, you need to access the top left-hand icon from the main application window.

You have many options for posts on Instagram Stories:

Live – Live apps

Normal – You can take pictures, and by pressing the button continuously you can shoot

Boomerang – Short videos repeated continuously

Rewind – you make a movie and process it to look like it’s going backward

Hand-free – shoots without holding down the button

How do you find accounts that interest you on Instagram

On Instagram, you can find a multitude of content types. Whether you are interested in interior design, dying or cooking, you can find Instagram many sources of inspiration.

Then you can use the search. You can search for certain keywords. For example, if you are interested in interior design look for interior design. So you can find accounts about the interior design, you can track hashtags that include words or you can find interior design shops.


Another form of content you can publish on your Instagram account is called Repost. Toggles downloading an image or video from another account to your account.

Reposting a picture is done with the help of an app called Repost.

Be careful what you’re backing up and for what purpose!

How do you repost a picture on Instagram?

Enter the Instagram app and find the photo you want to repost to your account. You access that 3-point icon and opens a menu in which you access the Copy Share URL option. After that, you have to go to the Repost app and finish the steps.

Conclusions and tips for using Instagram

Instagram is one of those popular applications at this time. If you build a personal brand, have a business or work online, it’s important to know this application and start using it.

Visual plays a very important role at this time. It’s also a way you can distinguish yourself and attract new customers.

On Instagram, you do not have to be afraid to experience. Try all types of messages, visual formats, and hashtags.

Test different hours of posting and always be careful not to abuse this app.

Instagram is about creativity, and this is done through exercise! Be careful about what you post, especially on Business accounts. Do not use photos taken by other users to build your brand. Learn to create content that personalizes your brand and makes it special. Because you know best how to look and what you want to promote