What is the difference between a beautiful, healthy, firm complexion and a wrinkled and aged one? Collagen. The first produce enough collagen to keep its structure intact; the second not so much. This is true for the skin, but also for the hair, bones, joints and nails, which grow faster and are stronger and healthier when they have enough collagen.

And because, with age, internal collagen production decreases, science comes to our aid with smart supplements. To be effective, they must be easy to administer and especially easy to assimilate by the body. Doppelherz researchers have also solved this problem with the Kollagen Beauty serum, the newest formula for preserving the beauty and youth of the skin.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It’s found in bones, muscles, skin and tendons, where it forms a kind of skeleton that ensures the structure and strength of our body. This fibrous, insoluble protein is the main component of the connective tissue of the body, which is found on the entire surface of the skin.

Over time, collagen fibres lose their elasticity, leading to visible signs of ageing on the surface of the skin, such as deep wrinkles, and fine lines.

Due to these properties, the collagen synthesized by the body plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the whole body. In the middle layer of the skin – the dermis – collagen is what helps to form a network of fibres on which new cells grow. Collagen is also needed in the replacement of dead skin cells, and can also function as protection for certain organs, such as the kidneys.

Why we need collagen-containing supplements

The production of natural collagen decreases with age, and thus reduces the structural integrity of the skin. This means losing skin elasticity, forming lines and wrinkles and weakening the cartilage of the joints. Collagen is produced primarily by connective tissue cells. When the body is young, it continually produces collagen. Still, the synthesis of natural collagen begins to decline around the age of 40, and a dramatic reduction occurs in women with menopause.

Now that we know what collagen is and how it works naturally for the health of the skin, joints and the whole body, we can imagine what happens once it becomes deficient.

Why we choose liquid collagen and how it helps us

Collagen is absorbable, and supplements used for therapeutic purposes may contain collagen from humans, cattle, pigs and sheep. In recent years, women’s discoveries and interest in keeping their skin young and beautiful for as long as possible have made collagen supplements more and more popular. The vast majority refuse collagen injection and choose a pleasant and simple form – liquid collagen to drink.

In the process of digestion, the human body breaks down proteins into smaller components (peptides, amino acids) which it then absorbs and uses in various organic methods. Similarly, collagen protein must be broken down several times before the body can absorb it.

Of all the supplements, the best is hydrolyzed collagen in the form of collagen peptides, which are absorbed most easily in the body and with superior efficiency as is the case in the Doppelherz system Kollagen Beauty.

The specialists from Doppelherz have experience in the field of obtaining collagen supplements, as they produce another one, Doppelherz system Kollagen 11.000 Plus, intended for the joints. In addition to 11 g of collagen hydrolyzate and vitamins, it also contains chondroitin sulfate, an adjuvant to maintain the integrity of cartilage and joints. But we are not talking about healthy joints here, but about beauty

What does Kollagen Beauty contain and what effects does it have, according to studies

Specially formulated for the beauty and youth of skin, hair and nails, Kollagen Beauty contains 2.5 g of purified collagen peptides, with specific action. Plus some vitamins with an essential role in increasing the absorption of collagen in the skin and strong antioxidant effect: biotin, beta-carotene (vitamin A) – for the health of the skin, hair and nails; vitamins E and C, minerals – zinc and copper, which stimulate collagen synthesis; and Acai extract, with recognized anti-ageing effect.

According to studies, a daily intake of 2.5 g of collagen peptides had the following effects:

  • Increased skin elasticity (by 7%) 
  • Increased skin elastin concentration by 18% 
  • Reduction of wrinkle depth by 7% after four weeks and by 20% after eight weeks 
  • After four weeks, a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the skin is observed
  • 5.3% decrease in the presence of cellulite after three months and 9% after six months compared to placebo in women with normal body weight 
  • 11.1% higher firmness, smoother thigh surface 
  • After six months, reduced cellulite and stretch marks
  • 12% acceleration of nail growth 
  • 42% decrease in nail breakage frequency 
  • Stronger nails in the majority (64%) of study participants

And a great deal for me is that the product has a pleasant taste of lychee and melon and can be taken very easily without medical supervision.

The price of Doppelherz system Kollagen Beauty varies depending on the pharmacy, between 125 lei and 200 lei/box of 30 bottles.

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