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The perfect basis for every season’s make-up looks a matt complexion. The Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation acts like a second, invisible skin. Unwanted shine is controlled, the complexion is mattified and the skin is replenished with moisture. At the same time, this makeup is oil-free, long-lasting and offers great coverage to make little skin imperfections disappear. Light-reflecting pigments ensure a silky matt finish and a flawless, fresh look.

The All Matt Plus All-in-One is supplied with a black pump that dries the product very well. The positive part is that the pump is detachable, so the product can be consumed till the last drop. Colors: According to the official website, All Matt Plus is available in five shades: 027 AMBER BEIGE, 010 LIGHT BEIGE, 015 VANILLA BEIGE and 020 NUDE BEIGE and 040 WARM BEIGE. I use the “015 VANILLA BEIGE” shade, which fits me pretty good.
The texture is a liquid texture enough to be used with a pump but at the same time, creamy enough to not flow out of the hand. Finish: Semi-matte finish.
Smell: nothing that would bother you very much or persistent after application.


Is easy to blend. Regardless of the makeup tool, you are using, if it’s a brush or sponge, this product distributes evenly. There are no stripes left behind or uncovered areas. It’s ideal for applications after eye makeup. – it holds up during the day almost perfectly. With or without a primer underneath(I’ve tested both options), it can resist many hours and like I’ve seen in many foundations doesn’t oxidize.
And also an important aspect is that is practically absorbed by the skin. – so good news for us doesn’t transfer on the phone or clothes. I’m not claiming that is perfect and you can walk through the Amazonian forest and still look like flawless but it does a really good job. Through the day I don’t feel the need to apply a powder, I think it looks fantastic on his own and because I have super oily skin in the case of retouching, most of the time an absorbent napkin is sufficient without the need for applying powder.
The price is great I might say for the wonderful job it does! I found it on Amazon for $19.20 and here is the link if you thinking about purchasing it:


It has a light coverage, so I would not recommend it if you are desperate to camouflage severe acne problems or imperfections.
For those who are worried about the SPF factor well, I have to say that I didn’t found anything indicating that has something like this, if maybe I’m mistaken please let me know in a comment. I personally don’t mind this because I use a cream for this.
Another thumbs down is the shade range which is ridiculous I might say, seems to me a little too narrow for a foundation, only just five shades. Hope they will fix this pretty soon!

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