Maybelline Fit Me Foundation(Matte + Poreless) Review

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation(Matte + Poreless) Review

Product Description:

What It Is:

Fit Me Matte + Poreless Foundation face make-up. This lightweight foundation mattifies and refines pores and leaves a natural, seamless finish.


Ideal for normal to oily skin, the exclusive Matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur pores. Pore minimizing foundation. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Non-comedogenic.

How To Use/Apply:

Apply foundation onto skin and blend with fingertips or an applicator.



Probably one of the most talked-about drugstore foundation: Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless finally ended up in my makeup bag. Surprisingly waves of positive reviews and all the beauty bloggers didn’t lose the chance to make a blog post or a youtube video. Curious by nature, but also because was a highly praised foundation, specifically designed for skin with oily tendency like mine, I rushed online to (future to see for myself what’s the fuss about this foundation and of course to share my review with you.

maybelline fit me foundation review

The new Fit Me Foundation Matte & Poreless addresses for those who want to wear foundation, but also provide a more natural finish. It’s recommended, from normal to oily skin, containing microparticles of a powder a formula which absorbs excess sebum and reduces the instant unaesthetic glow of the face. The fine powder particles also serve as a blur effect for those annoying visible pores and imperfections.

Because I ordered it online, I did not know exactly what shade is suitable for my skin colour, usually Ivory is a good match but this time it seemed a tiny bit too dark for my skin so I bought their lightest shade 110 Porcelain which of course was a mistake because, in the end, it turned out to be too “Casper the friendly ghost”. On the website you’ll find five shades available. I did a lot of bit of researching and apparently, on there are a lot more shades for you to choose so for this it gets a thumbs up.

maybelline fit me foundation shades

I have to confess that I have mixed feelings about this foundation. I really loved it the first time I applied it has great coverage, minimizes the pores very well and can blend pretty easily either using a Real Techniques brush or a damp makeup sponge. Consistency is good, not too liquid neither too thick, I felt that dries as quickly as it does other foundation that I often use, namely Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation. Since having a matte finish, I don’t think is buildable, I wouldn’t recommend adding too much product, because or else you would end up with that cakey effect.

As far as resistance, I can say that I’ve tested the foundation without a makeup base and with, without powder on top and also with.

Case 1 (without a makeup base and powder): as you would expect it only lasted for a couple of hours until the shine started to appear since I didn’t do too much effort that day I wouldn’t say it looked very unesthetic but neither too flattering so use it together with a makeup base(at the moment I’m using the one from Delia)

Case 2 (with a makeup base and no powder): I say it did a good job, I don’t remember so well but if I’m correct I would say it lasted like 5 or 6 hours before the oils come through(with the mention that I had some chores around the house and also went shopping in a not so pleasant temperature). I was satisfied that it faded away pretty gracefully.

Case 3 (with a makeup base and powder): here is where I didn’t like it so much because having a matte finish and also on top of that adding powder I got the feeling of unnatural, kind like I was wearing a mask(with the mention of course that I didn’t use too much powder) so I didn’t enjoy it and it’s not like it lasted much longer than in case 2.

maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation

Also, a minus from my behalf for Fit Me Matte & Poreless is that it clings to your dry patches so therefore, it’s recommended to properly moisturize the skin before applying this foundation.

My overall opinion is that I don’t put it above Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation (so sorry Maybelline), so far I still think that the one from Catrice is almost perfect for my super oily skin.

The range of shades are super ok and if you have light skin like myself I absolutely think you’re gone be satisfied, lasts a decent amount of hours so on a school or workday will be perfect and of course the disappointing parts are that is not buildable, it won’t look natural I assure you and too much of a matte effect for my preference.

If you have a comment or a question I will be happy to respond. Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

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I have heard a lot about this foundation that I really want to try it. But I have bought maybelline before and I can’t never find the right shade for me there are always too light 🙁 it really looks like a great foundation

Mille Mirah Seiersen

I have wanted to try this for awhile, but now I think I might try the Catrice one instead!


Would love to see a full face pic of you wearing it!


This is one of my favorite drugstore foundation for my oily skin


Looks like it’s worth a try! I’m glad you went through all the different scenarios of base and powder – that was the first question that came to my mind when I started reading. I’m curious to try this myself!

Roland Simpson III

though I don’t know much about make-up, I like how this post is created. You explain in great detail how to apply it, what’s in it, including images, etc. The structure of the post is really good.


thats great i have tried this on last summer 14 august 🙂

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