My Final Thoughts On The U.S. Presidential Election


There are 11 hours left until the first polls are closing and after that, we will eventually find out who won the presidency.

For the American people, I don’t necessarily think there will be really a winner at least, not one that will change their life in better and sometimes we forget this, we forget what really matters. It’s not the cancan stories from years ago or what her/his husband/wife did, this is all media bullshit to take your eyes from the real problems.
America could have had a great president, someone who could make people forget about the ugliness of the Obama but again the shadow individuals with money and power decided what is the best and most important who is the best candidate for them.
And yes, I am talking about Bernie Sanders, the politician who draw like a magnet a sea full of people everywhere he went and made them believe in him and his ambitions to actually make America great again.
But unfortunately two options were left standing and these were Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. It is pointless to say anymore why these options are bad, I like to think that people use the internet not only for Facebook or Snapchat and they made their own opinions about these candidates and saw the truth behind all the propaganda from either a team or another.
I can’t give my opinion on who will win, there are too many unknowns and variables and besides, you can’t really rely on the polls so….


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