Why to avoid online dating profiles cliches?

A cliche is not necessarily an untrue fact!

So what is a cliche? I am referring to certain overused few lines that people who are having a dating profile tend to use to express statements about themselves. These statements are extremely generic, obvious I might say and they appear over and over again in both women and men profiles.
I am not suggesting, of course, to lie just to make your profile more interesting and original and yes people go out on a Friday night with friends and enjoys traveling etc. but maybe if you put a little bit of effort in maybe giving more details about those activities, people will appreciate more.

Ok, ok, but cliches are that bad?

1. I’m sorry but they are making you sound a bit boring. Mentioning that you are looking for someone funny or that you like movies and long walks doesn’t say anything special about you and that you enjoy same things like everybody else.
2. It really shows that you didn’t bother to put any kind of effort in writing this thing. Maybe I’m mistaken but filling your profile with the same short old lines just gives the impression that you are not taken this matter seriously.
3. What is it about dating? Dating it’s all about that incredible feeling of excitement that comes with discovering new things about a new person. Don’t give someone the impression they can figure you out just by reading your ‘about me’ section.

If you really take the time to sincerely write about yourself, you may be surprised to learn you can come up with original and honest things to say about yourself and what you’re looking for in a partner. The main frustration with cliches is they seem insincere.






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