Permanently exposed to UV rays, the wind and free radicals, your skin needs careful attention before dealing with the aggression of environmental factors. Of course, you use an SPF product and a moisturizing cream that suits your skin, but are you sure it’s enough to maintain the beauty and health of your skin?

If you have oily skin, perhaps one of the greatest pleasures in the morning is cleansing your skin thoroughly with water and a cleansing gel or another product that you love. However, this apparently beneficial habit for your skin may have the opposite effect, stimulating the activity of sebaceous glands. Instead, if you have sensitive or dry skin, brushing your skin thoroughly every morning is one of the biggest mistakes you can make to balance your skin oils. A piece of good advice is if you want a profound cleansing of the skin just wait until the end of the day and instead use micellar or thermal water or creamy, moisturizing lotion to remove only the residue collected in the pores, not the moisture level.

To prevent bacterial migration, you already know how important it is to use a different body and face towels, but did you know how important it is to change the towel you use for your face daily? Moisture retained by fibres along with makeup residues, sebum, and accumulated bacteria is a sure recipe for a disaster.

Antioxidants give a glow to the skin, retinoids help anti-ageing, peptides feed your skin, and hyaluronic acid keeps it hydrated, so you’re tempted to use them at the same time. You couldn’t be any wronger. Using multiple active ingredients at the same time can lead to, for example, inflammation, or redness, so learn about the best combinations of ingredients for your skin and avoid risky experiments. For example, antioxidants work best when used with vitamins C and E, while retinoids used along with acne treatments or AHA acids can cause violent skin reactions. So, introduce careful new products in your skincare routine, wait a few minutes before applying a new product and turn to non-perfumed hypoallergenic products.

The fashion and beauty rules are made to be violated and reinterpreted, but skincare requires a little more disciplined. To get the maximum effect of the care products you use, make sure you apply them in the right order: cleans your skin, apply toner if you need it, the serum, the SPF product, then “seals” everything with moisturizing cream or/and eye cream.

After the delicate area around the eyes, the skin around the mouth is most prone to develop the first signs of ageing. That’s why you never neglect this area and give it the right care by applying the same cream you use around your eyes and lips. Why would you do that? The creams formulated for the eye area tend to be the richest in nutrients and ingredients to boost firmness and are well tolerated in any other area of the face, so use it with confidence.

Procrastination has no place in your skincare routine. Once you have gone out of the shower, cleaned your skin or applied a tonic lotion, don’t wait too long before applying moisturizing products. To ensure deeper hydration, it takes advantage of the time the skin has a higher degree of moisture and the pores are open.

Another advice for you is NEVER to buy day products which have Retinol on the list of ingredients because instead of that anti-ageing effect that the product promises you’ll get the exact opposite and actually make the skin age faster because it’s more responsive to the sun, no matter the amount of SPF protection guaranteed by the foundation or sunscreen.