A few weeks ago I was gifted by AVON and BUZZStore the new fragrance Today Tomorrow Always: The Moment, the gift that transforms special moments into unforgettable memories. And who doesn’t like perfume? It has this amazing quality that awakens something in all of us, from admiring the precious liquid inside the beautiful bottles, to an aroma that can teleport you to a time or place in an instant. “Perfume is the key to our memories”.

Avon TTA The Moment is a fragrance inspired by the power of notes, emotions and memories, created with ingredients that will help you relive some of your most cherished moments. The Moment For Her perfume relies on a mix of neroli flowers, magnolia notes and amber essence, while the For Him version contains neroli, lavender and cedar wood notes.

In a blind study with 125 participants from Great Britain, 8/10 women declared that the scent was that of a luxury perfume.

About the creator:

Avon TTA The Moment was created by the master perfumer Olivier Cresp who is the artist behind the first perfume from the Today Tomorrow Always collection, respectively Today which he created almost 20 years ago, but also other iconic perfumes of famous luxury brands.

In a new modern take on the love story Today Tomorrow Always, The Moment was created in a unique collaboration between two generations of perfumers: Olivier alongside his son Sebastien.

Describing The Moment for Her, Oliver Cresp said: “We perfumers are experts at creating memories. I created the Magnolia accord for Today Tomorrow Always: The Moment for Her thinking of my walks in the Geneva Botanical Gardens, its scent delicate and smooth. You take on a journey through sweet memories. Amber is at the heart of the perfumer’s palette, and I have used it to make the feeling of special moments with your loved one last longer every time you wear the perfume.”

And I couldn’t agree more. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s one of the best Avon’s perfumes, and the price is really affordable, comparable to other overrated brands. the smell persists for a long time and the floral notes delight your senses. A perfume that stands out for its delicate notes of flowers and a light hint of amber. It’s truly elegant, and it’s suitable for any season, especially for those who in the fall or winter are still longing for warmer days.

Today Tomorrow Always: The Moment, can be ordered online, at www.avon.ro.