Today I want to talk about the latest perfume launched by Avon, namely Attraction Game For Her.

AVON Attraction Game For Her

A fresh fruity contrast, with a spicy and captivating aroma that translates into charming dark chocolate and a mesmerizing accord of aromas, with a lingering trace of amber and woody accords.

• top notes: peach nectar, pink pepper, blackberry coulis

• middle notes: the mesmerizing arrangement of flavors, tuberose, dark chocolate

• base notes: tonka bean, amber, velvety woody notes

I’ve always believed that perfume reflects our personality, is a means of seduction, or you might go to extremes and call it a conductor of our emotions. I often find myself walking down the street, sensing different perfumes, each a magical vehicle to memories of the past. It would transport me back to a happy memory from my childhood, perhaps an older love or even a lost one, maybe to an adventure with friends. A perfume can change my mood, it can make me happy, melancholic, or sexy.

In essence, the scent is about creating a mood, a moment. A perfume can make you feel so many emotions. And yet, the force between two people is as unique as they are. It feels different depending on who you are and what stage of a relationship you are in. How can something as simple as a bottle of perfume have an impact?

Maybe the sunny, warm, full, sensual amber that gives depth and sexiness to a fragrance, the woody notes that bring elegance, sophistication, and a lot of character to their compositions, perhaps tonka beans that have a sweet/spicy fragrance that is reminiscent of vanilla and almond or even the deep and rich gourmand note, rather bitter than sweet of the dark chocolate.

An intense, long-lasting scent. Completely made me mad about it! So what are you waiting for? “It’s time to play the game!”