By now, we all know that SPF should not be missing from our every day skincare routine. What are some effects of not wearing sunscreen? 

  • Sun Spots – that appear when your skin is exposed to sunlight for a long time. 
  • Premature Aging – the UV radiation can damage the collagen and connective tissue in your skin. This leads to loss of elasticity in your skin, causing wrinkles, saggy and aged skin to appear in younger people.
  • Skin Darkening – your skin produces melanin in excessive amounts as a part of its natural defense against sun radiation. This leaves your skin with dark patches and an uneven tone.
  • Sun Burns – resulting from too much exposure to UV radiation 
  • Skin Cancer – UV radiation can cause irreparable DNA damage can generate a gene mutation, which can eventually trigger cancer in your skin. In skin cancer, the skin cells multiply rapidly to form a malignant tumor.
  • Dry Skin – direct sun exposure on your skin causes loss of moisture and natural oils from your skin. It leads to dehydration and your skin eventually develops dry, rough patches in the affected areas.
  • Broken Blood Vessels – the UV rays from the sun can damage the ends of small blood vessels beneath your skin tissue.

So you can understand why wearing sunscreen every day, no matter if it’s summer or winter, rainy or sunny, stay at home or taking walks outside, is so important. 

And for people like myself, that want a simplified skincare routine, Avon has launched this must-have multi-tasking moisturizer that can be your primer, moisturizer and SPF in one. 

Anew Daily Defense Moisturiser

What they say:

Discover the natural power of vitamin C in the latest Anew Daily Defence Vitamin C SPF 50 Moisturiser! We combined a strong sun protection factor with a precious vitamin that instantly restores skin radiance. Regular use also helps to even out the skin tone and reduce blemishes. Anew Daily Defense Moisturiser provides up to 24 hours of hydration and SPF 50 protecting against UV rays and photoaging.

This moisturiser also works great as a primer, so how can you not love it?

This moisturizer has a thick texture, doesn’t leave a white cast, it doesn’t feel greasy or sticky, looks very good on the skin. It has a dewy finish and even though I have oily skin, it rather gives a healthy look and I totally love it. It has a citrus perfume, a bit too strong if you have a sensitive smell but personally it doesn’t bother me, I kind of like it but for people that have sensitive skin it might be a problem so take that into consideration when you want to buy it.

Overall, I’m very pleased with Avon’s Anew Daily Defence Vitamin C SPF 50 Moisturiser and definitely will purchase it after I’m finishing this one.