The presidential debates are over. And at the finish line what conclusions are we drawing?

1. Donald Trump has made some bad decisions regarding how this campaign should go. I mean I desperately wanted to see some numbers, any numbers even false ones but no, he chose to ramble about how evil is Hillary and her ideas but never came with a clear idea of what he will be doing as a president, just general thoughts that for some people including myself is a full crap of nonsense.

2. It’s not fair that the “pussy grabbing” scandal to overtake the entire presidential campaign. Don’t take me wrong, I don’t support this kind of behavior, best case scenario I find it disgusting but many women accused Bill Clinton of rape for God’s sake and of course I know what you are thinking exactly what my boyfriend pointed out correctly that Bill Clinton isn’t the Democratic nominee, he is not running again for the White House but if you look Hillary was the abject person who denigrated those women and now all of sudden she supports women and women rights. Why is nobody repulsed by this?

3. Hillary Clinton changed her mind about her politics so many times that I don’t think she knows what she believes anymore. Oh, wait! She believes in Wall Street and the money that comes from it. Does anybody trust her when she says that wants to take action against big corporations? Isn’t obvious that those rich donors want something in return? Really, we must believe that all the billionaires have golden hearts and throw away big money like candy and don’t ask anything, absolutely nothing in return? But then again Trump’s “pussy grabbing” mortal sin is far more important.

4. Why is Russia blamed all the time for everything? America is pretending that it is all for human rights and wants to spread democracy, help children and so on but it’s clear that all it wants is control over some strategic territories and doesn’t matter how many civilians die in the process. The American drones didn’t kill innocent people, children in hospitals and schools? Or only the Russians did all that?