How to Use the Psychology of Colors In Marketing

How to Use the Psychology of Colors In Marketing

Colors transmit emotions and have the power to change our general state at a psychological level. Marketers know all these things, which is why the color is an important part of the consistency of the brand value. Behind every color that marketers use in the design of a logo, there are a number of features that personalize the brand. Based on this you can give your brand a touch of personality and differentiation.

It also can give the reader a feeling that can have an important effect on how they will perceive content. Over 52% of people do not return to a blog or website because of the color and design. This means that visitors will evaluate the product/service or will return to read and other information, if in addition to an interesting content also the colors are used correctly.
Let’s see how colors are used by brands:

Purple is associated with the rich and extravagant, especially when used in combination with a golden hue. Academic institutions often use shades of purple or purple as they inspire feelings of intellectual thinking, prestige, and wisdom.

psychology of the color purple

Blue induce a feeling of calmness, confidence, and safety. Because this color is used in a variety of corporate logos like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s associated with the fulfillment of important aspects of our lives: the need for stability, reliability, and honesty.

the psychology of the color blue

Green is the ideal color to promote natural, healthy and organic. He suggests something “new”, fresh, close to nature. Also, green motivates people to join social groups and satisfy their need to belong to a community.

the psychology of the color green

For recreation products, especially those that promote playful and fun activities, the yellow color is beneficial. This will increase a sense of entertainment and happiness.

the psychology of the color yellow

Orange is used to suggest adventure, fun, and optimism. It induces a feeling of warmth, creativity, and enthusiasm.

the psychology of the color orange

Color Red encourage buyers to take action and make a purchase (call to action). It shows the energy and passion for the product or service. Red is often used to downgrade a quick impulse buying, such as the “Buy Now” on a website.

the psychology of the color red

White is probably the best color for the background of websites and more. This allows all other colors to stand out and makes the text very easy to read. The use of white gives the feeling of clean, open and orderly.

Black is beneficial to suggest luxury and sophistication. A black packaging will make a product appear more expensive, with a higher value. Black gives the impression of classic, powerful and elegant.

The color is not only used to express the characteristics of brands but also to influence purchasing behavior. Researchers have realized the typology of the buyer based on the colors that to which they are drawn when they decide to buy:

The impulsive shopper is particularly attracted by the colors red, yellow, black and blue. These colors increase the speed of decision-making. They create a feeling of trust and security and expressed the need to take action.

Thrifty buyer is the person that has a fixed budget that doesn’t want to overcome it. These shoppers respond best to pink and blue. Retailers use these colors for women products because it provides a feeling of trust and security.

The traditionalist buyer responds well to pastel colors: pink and light blue.

The decision on choosing the color that brands will use results from the message they want to communicate. Colors express a mood, energy, attitude and values, and so channeling the brand to a particular target. Some brands are so strongly associated with certain colors that are recognized even if the company name is not visible or missing.

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This was a great post. I love how you explained very well the emotions triggered by all the colors! Very useful info!!!

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