It’s possible for two people to perform the same exact search in Google and get two different search results. The answer to this question is without mistake yes.  You noticed how advertisements are directly related to our search history and Google’s search results aren’t any different.

Technology narrows our view.  It prevents us from seeing alternative viewpoints. And in my opinion, that makes us a less informed population.

In a recent book, Professor Rosen of California State University, Dominguez Hills conducted a study of high school students to determine how technological distractions affected their study habits. He discovered that students could concentrate for an average of three minutes maximum.

Technology stresses us out and leads to information overload. Our brains are busier than ever before. We’re assaulted with facts, pseudo-facts, nonsense, and rumor, all posing as information. Trying to figure out what you need to know and what you can ignore is exhausting.


You right now have the entire world at your fingertips. Technology integration allows for limitless learning. More and more people have access to the internet and that gives us the immense power to educate ourselves.

In many jobs today, people use technology for communication, information gathering, and problem-solving. Outside of work, growing numbers of people use electronic resources like the Internet to keep in touch with friends, do their banking, play games, conduct research, and take part in online discussions.


Total | 2.92 billion people
Highest | 672.6 million people (China)
Lowest | 0 people (3 countries) |

Technology makes us come together. It opens up marginalized or hard to access communities and gives them the ability to connect with each other. It gives the important opportunity to bring people together – people who have common causes, people who have shared experiences, who want to fight for a better system.

It is used in almost everything we do. From 3-D printing to studying galaxies billions of light years away. The internet helps us know exactly what is happening when it’s happening. Technology is curing diseases and allowing us to share images and videos with each other.