In the last month, I tested the new PERWOLL Renew & Blossom detergent, dedicated to all types of clothes and now I come back with some thoughts about it.

I know you waited for feedback from me and today I will tell all about this new liquid detergent.

The basic idea of ​​the PERWOLL campaign in collaboration with Buzzstore is #Rethinkfashion, the concept that encourages the ‘slow fashion’ movement, or more precisely is based on responsible thinking to buy quality clothing, and maintaining their longevity over time, so in other words, having a responsible consumer behavior in the fashion market.

The Rethinkfashion movement promotes taking care of your clothes, so that they look just as good over time, and that you wear them and re-wear them whenever you want, without worrying about their deterioration or discoloration.

This means that you will change fewer clothes over time and consume fewer resources, so you will be more sustainable and more environmentally friendly.

I have always been looking for a special detergent, which has several benefits such as washing clothes of any type of material, of any color, and white or especially black pieces, and leaving a special scent.

Testing the new detergent PERWOLL Renew & Blossom lately, I can tell you that I tried it on different textures, jeans, suede, sportswear, black clothes, and it behaved with each super okay, without damaging or spoiling somehow the fabric but take in consideration that this also depends on those specific programs you choose when you put the clothes in the washing machine.

I like the fact that it has a pleasant, subtle, elegant smell, I don’t even need a conditioner, as happens with other detergents.

It softens the fabric, I wash at a temperature of 40 degrees, but cleans just as well at lower temperatures, with a formula that reduces energy consumption.

I also use it for bed linen, towels, or bathrobes. Also love the fact that after I washed them and put them to dry, you actually feel the smell of freshness, of spring lingering in the air for so long.

I admit that I’m quite torn between Persil Discs 4 in 1 which I’ve reviewed last year and PERWOLL Renew & Blossom. Both of them are quite good with a small plus for Perwoll because of the heavenly fragrance. 

In conclusion, I will definitely re-purchase Perwoll, its price is affordable you don’t need to buy softener anymore and if you’re like me and have a favorite piece of clothing it can extend its life way longer than other detergents. 

Give it a try and tell me what you think!