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Review: Rimmel Matte BB Cream

Matte Rimmel BB Cream is specially formulated for oily or mixed prone skin, which promises to control unwanted shine and instead give a natural, matte look. In addition, this product does not dry the skin and has an average capacity of coverage, concealing those nasty dark circles and imperfections. Moreover, the pores are minimized and skin tone is smoothed. … View full article

Review: Avon Solutions BB Cream

A while ago I was desperately looking for a good bb cream to replace for a while my foundation. I’ve wanted something more light for my skin to use on those days when I didn’t feel like wearing too much makeup and luckily I’ve found Avon Solutions BB Cream.
This cream is supposed to be hypoallergenic and has SPF 15. … View full article

Review: The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant by Drew Hayes

I am rapidly becoming a fan of Drew Hayes and his books. His writing style is unique, very fast-paced, descriptive without boring the reader with too many unnecessary details, and his storylines are fresh and original.

This is not your typical vampire story, which makes it utterly absorbing. The main character, Fred, is not powerful, glamorous, wealthy, witty, or any of those other things most vampires are portrayed to be in other stories of this type, but maybe this is what makes him instantly lovable and engaging. … View full article