I am very happy because I had the opportunity to test the new Persil formula: Persil Deep Clean Plus Active Fresh in collaboration with Ask Team Clean România and BUZZStore Romania.

The new Persil detergent offers a unique enzyme formula that penetrates deep into the stains even at low temperatures of up to 20 ° C, removes the most difficult stains, ensuring low energy consumption.

The Active Fresh effect gives clothes a long-lasting freshness.

The new Persil Deep Clean is available in the following options:

  •  Parsley Universal Gel
  •  Parsley Powder
  •  Persil Discs 4in1

I had a month or so to put to the test the new Persil formula and I can gladly tell you my thoughts:

  • The packaging is recyclable and the capsule shell is 100% water-soluble, which makes it very environmentally friendly and I definitely applause this initiative.
  • It has a pleasant and long-lasting perfume
  • Doesn’t attack the fabric
  • I have to say I’m surprised how well it dealt with dirty socks and also some chocolate stains on one of my favorite t-shirts

Overall I’m very glad I had to test the new Persil formula, it rapidly became my favorite choice when it comes to taking care of my dirty clothes